The Therapeutic Side of Horse Riding

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Things and ways are innovating, like the food and some stuff such as aroma rice cooker, and so with the methods of healing.

Horse riding is a kind of passion and leisure for people, but not known to many that it has significant benefits for the health, such as the physical and mental disabilities.

A Brief History:

According to Sherry and Brad Steiger ‘s book ‘Horse Miracles’, as early as 600 B.C, there are records found that people with disabilities were riding horses; while Orbasis of Lydia has written about the advantages of horseback riding for those having handicaps both mental and physical.

In the year 1875, the physicians were able to find out that horse riding was a great help in treating different neurological disorders like the joint movement, balance and the improvement of posture.

This therapeutic riding has become widespread over the world throughout 1940’s -1960’s. This happened to such countries like Canada, USA, Australia and some Scandinavian countries that set some organizations with the dedication to offer therapeutic riding in the communities.

How it works:

This will provide some exercise, through the movement of the rider’s body, circulation, improves flexibility, muscle tone and posture. And, the self-sufficiency together with the self-esteem are also improved. It has been shown also, that working with animals to reduce the anxiety. And, there many other illnesses that can be treated through working with animals.